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Friends, many of the times you may be of the opinion that whatever work/ job/ business you undertake on a particular day, you sometimes do not end up the way you expected to. It also happens sometimes that when you return home at the end of the day, you do not find the atmosphere in the house energetic or pleasant. Sometimes things do not go on your way at all! Sometimes you also may be of the opinion that on a particular day the things have gone completely on your way. Naturally you would say, it was a good day today! When your entire day is spoiled without giving you any pleasure of the activities undertaken that day, you would say it was a bad day today. Whose face did I see in the morning? Etc...n the office you get overloaded with work, can't meet a deadline so the boss gets mad and asks you to stay late and finish the project... We all do our job/business and expect to get health, wealth and peace of mind. Nothing is wrong in it.

But we come across difficulties in getting these as we mentioned earlier.
Have you ever thought on this ?
Why do these things happen ?
Did you try any remedies ?
If you have not, then unless you try to find out the answer and then solution, things will not go on your way on its own.
Do you genuinely want to change for a good ?
If yes, then we can definitely go ahead.
How does one know what is correct and what Answers and solutions to all these kind of problems can be found in


This ancient science “Shivaswarodaya Shastra” was deeply and thoroughly studied by our ancestors and Rishis. Shastra is the very ancient science that deals with the various qualities of the flow of the breath in both nostrils in terms of both cellular and cosmic import. The ancient Rishis believed that learning to read the breath, We can learn to read the outer and inner universe and also come into harmony with Nature and know its greater function.

This Shastra is also known as - Nadi Shastra or Swara Yoga

The author of Shivaswarodaya Shastra is said to be Lord Shiva himself. Lord Shiva tells Parvati Devi about the elements and about currents of energy in the human body. The Shiva Swarodaya was the outcome of this dialogue. Shiva begs earnestly to Devi to make sure that the science is kept very secret and sacred, and remains the highest of all the Vidyas or forms of knowledge. Lord Shiva further states that in all the seven Lokas (Sapta Loka) he knows, there is no greater wisdom or treasure than the Swara.
Swar – means flow of breath through the nostril.
Udaya – means arise.
Swarodaya – is the knowledge of the breath.
The periodic alternation of the nostrils balances the entire system. Seeing to it that this balance does not get disturbed is the basic objective of SwaraYoga / ShivaSwarodaya

Why Breathe?

Breathing continues twenty-four hours a day, whether one is aware of it or not. The breath is man’s most valuable treasure because without it he cannot survive for more than three minutes. Man is born with his breath, and with his subtle Prana, which is the essence of the breath. Breath is person’s Soul Companion. Therefore, the Upanishads refer to Swara as Atmaswaroopa or Brahmaswaroopa, thus inferring that a person is a part of Brahman or the universal consciousness. If you can realize the true reality of the breath, you can realize the Atma or Soul.

The alternating breath:

If you ever take the time to observe the breath and the manner in which the air flows in and out of the nostrils, you will notice that most of the time respiration takes place through one nostril only. It appears that respiration occurs through both nostrils simultaneously, but this is not so. It is just a natural process.

When you observe the breath, you will find that one nostril usually remains open for certain duration of time and the breath comes and goes through that side only, later this nostril closes and the alternate nostril opens.


I request you all to do the following and then see your observations.

First : Inhale for each nostril separately. One nostril will seem congested and the other free flowing.

Second : Try Exhale slightly forcefully than usual while placing a finger in front of your nose. The exhalation will be stronger from one side and weaker from the other.


  • You will find either you exhale/inhale by right nostril Or by left nostril Or by both the nostrils
  • You may also find left percentage is more than right nostril Or right percentage is more than left nostril and by judgment you can easily find whether it is 70% ,30% or 80% 20% etc.
  • You may find some times you breathe equally from both the nostrils.

When you breathe or rather inhale your breath only by right nostril it is known as “SURYA NADI / Pingala” (Nadi is also called Swara)

As you exhale your breath from the other nostril i.e. left nostril, it is known “CHANDRA NADI/ Ida”.

When we breathe equally from both the nostrils it is known as “SUSHUMNA NADI”.

The breath moving in the nostrils relates to the activity of the brain hemispheres.

How nostrils work?

Nostrils change every 1 to 3 hours, from left nostril for 1 to 3 hours to right nostril for 1 to 3 hours again to left. A healthy rhythm, is 1 hours. Linked with the sun and moon phases. Breathing is therefore more than a simple physical action. Each breath has an underlying significance and a particular ‘coded message’. The fact that we breathe alternately is very significant in Shivaswarodaya because it allows different Swaras to flow at different times. One Swara flows through the left nostril, another flows through the right, and the third flows through both nostrils together.

The different Swaras influence us in various ways by stimulating different energy centres and aspects of the nervous system.

What does this mean?

  • Physiologically, it has a particular effect on the nervous system, producing a certain type of stimulus. Furthermore, it has a specific influence on the brain which requires very systematic regulation. Shivaswaroday Shastra is the science which reveals this previously unknown process.

    If the Swara is flowing through left nostril then it is said that left side of the body is “Purnang” (complete portion) and other side is called as “Riktang” (Empty portion) and this is vice versa.

    Each nostril, when it operates independently, influences the body chemistry in a different way. When both nostrils operate simultaneously, the body chemistry also alters so as to do meditation rather than to get engaged in worldly activity. The right hemisphere (right brain) governs the left side of the body and the left hemisphere (left brain) governs the right side of the body. That means Ida (Left nostril) is connected to the right hemisphere and Pingala (Right nostril) to the left. The right hemisphere, stimulated by left nostril dominance, is connected to feminine, lunar, emotional, visual and more peaceful activities. The left hemisphere, stimulated by right nostril dominance, is connected to masculine, solar, rational verbal and more energetic activities. When our right side is Purnang that means it is connected with the left brain and any activity that you take during this time if it belongs to the right brain then it does not work out properly. Same is the case when our left side is Purnang that means it is connected with the right brain and if you take any activity which is related to the left brain then it does not work out properly.


Uses logic, detail oriented, facts rule, words and language, present and past math and science, can comprehend, knowing, acknowledges, order/pattern perception, knows object name, reality based, forms strategies, practical, safe.


Uses feeling, “big picture” oriented, imagination rules, symbols and images, present and future, philosophy & religion, can “get it”(i.e. meaning), believes, appreciates, spatial perception, knows object function, fantasy based, presents possibilities, impetuous, risk taking.

Shivaswarodaya Shastra is a practical science that can help us to get attuned to cosmic rhythms to get Health, Wealth & Happiness. Make the best use of it!

You can try the following tips regularly and ensure the strength/potential of this Shastra :

  • Do you feel a song or a thought lingering in your mind all day long? Well that could be because the very first thought that you think or the sound that you hear, tend to linger in your mind throughout the day.

    So make it a point to think good thoughts, hear pleasant sounds. There is a saying tha

  • “First comes THOUGHT, 

    THOUGHTS become WORDS 


    WORDS become DESTINY”

Food :

    • What you eat affects Swaras or nostril rhythms.
    • Right – proper hunger and digestive stimulation.
    • Left – depressive – can increase or decrease hunger in an unnatural way.
    • Cold – milk, banana, curd, guava (stimulate left).
    • Hot -spices, ginger, garlic (stimulate right).

    Once you get the fundamentals right, you can apply it to virtually anything. And honestly, it is as simple as finding out which nostril you are breathing with. How one should begin? Keep observing the breath to know the pattern and imbalances.

Advantage of ShivaSwaroday Shastra :

  • You learn to do right thing at right time.
  • You can bring balance & order in your life.
  • Those who practice Swarodaya never suffer from failure & discontent.

Swarodaya has the potential of being put to use right from the moment you wake up, all through your daily activities and chores, till you retire at the end of the day.

  • Wealth :

    Normally it is understood that one can earn good amount of wealth based on ones Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Strategy. But Swarodaya knowledge goes much deeper than these normal understanding. According to Swarodaya, to assure success in world, one must enter the cosmic rhythm and stay tuned to it and you get success with effortless ease!

    Put Your Best Foot Forward :

    When you have understood and observed the flow of your swara and practice working in correspondence to the active Nadi, then you can apply other practices so that each daily activity meets with the most possible success.

    Believe me friends …..

    Applications of “Shiva Swarodaya” is useful while initiating any action starting from waking up in the morning, having bath, eating, involving in different works, mental activities, physical activities etc. “Shiva Swarodaya” touches all parts of human life. You can experience from day one when you learn in detail. We are here to give you in depth knowledge of  “Shiva Swarodaya” and many more related topics. We are sure this is going to help you life long, people who really wish to bring good changes in their life must seriously think on this for a good beginning…

    Who can learn?

    • Students can make best use of it to study right subjects at the right time.
    • If husband and wife both learn together then they can make their life wonderful.
    • Businessmen to enhance their business and deals.
    • Doctors, Teachers, CEOs, people holding responsible posts.
    • Housewives and others with positive and good thoughts.
    • In fact, since breath has no cast, race and religion, anybody belonging to any religion can learn as everybody likes to achieve health, wealth, happiness and peace in life.
    • As you are judging your breath and on that you are going to take right step, you will not require anybody’s help to take right decision.

    So friends….

    • The difference between success and failure could be just one breath!!
    • Learn Shiva-Swarodaya, seriously, a little known ancient Indian science of using the knowledge of your own breath as a means to achieve health, wealth, happiness or desired results in almost any field of life.

    Discipline demands sufferings to become a perfect human being, hence they are rare –

     Would  NATURE  be not proud of us,  if we proved our birth worthwhile