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This ancient science “Shivaswarodaya Shastra” was deeply and thoroughly studied by our ancestors and Rishis. Shastra is the very ancient science that deals with the various qualities of the flow of the breath in both nostrils in terms of both cellular and cosmic import. The ancient Rishis believed that learning to read the breath, We can learn to read the outer and inner universe and also come into harmony with Nature and know its greater function.

Know Yourself

By knowing " Ourself " And " The Universe "

What is truth in Life ? Answer had always laid within us.....How ? By knowing the secrets of " Life ".........How ? By knowing " Ourself " And " The Universe " How ? - By Knowing our Mind - Body - Soul - And It's Function. And how The Universe and Our Body are reflecting each other. To know the Mind, we have to work on Mind, Thought and their Emotions that reflect our Life as a mirror. If we want to change the mirror image that is " Life ", we have to change our thought and its patterns which we have feeded. So Let's starts with the thought..........